Paul (Anka) and Ani (Difranco) sitting in a tree. S-t-r-u-mm-ing [?]

Since I forgot to invite my guitarists to last night’s rehearsal (what can I say, despite being in Japan, I’m still pulling Danny Katzes left, right and sideways) we ended up rehearsing as a trio: Me on acoustic guitar, JJ on bass and Manuel on drums.

The last time the Danny Katz experience sounded had that identical arrangement was probably in early 2000ish, during one of my many angry-folk-lesbian phases (i.e. when I was trying to be the next - and only - queer Asian/Jewish Ani Difranco). Dennis and Joe made for an awesome rhythm section (even if Dennis would occasionally show up at a gig 1 minute before we started our set, running on stage barefoot…) which forced me to really attack the acoustic guitar, not fall into the introspective, introverted folky thing I often default to.

Thinking that I can bring that style back, minus the politics since my songwriting now is all about “love and shit.” Plus, JJ and Manuel are totally in the pocket. Good grooves. And no one to spar with my flaming ego. Yeah, I can be a difficult band leader at times >:)

But we’ll see - my arrangement ideas change as often as I mismatch my socks. Which means, ALL THE F’N TIME. I’m still wanting to do some cheesy-ass big-band arrangement of my shit too…

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