Danny & Martin's First International Internet Concert

I’m super excited to do another StageIt online internet concert since the first one was oodles of fun. This time I’ll be joined by my good friend (and awesomely talented) Martin Leroux, who’s currently at work on his first album. ^^

The below information can also be found here

Hope to see you at the show… no matter where in the world you are :D!

►U.S. East Coast: Sat. June 23, 10pm◄
►U.S. West Coast: Sat. June 23, 7pm◄
►Japan: Sun. June 24, 11am◄
►This event is WORLDWIDE!◄


Hey all,

Based on the SOLD OUT success of Danny’s first StageIt Online Concert, I’m bringing it back… with a friend!

Danny Katz (the Japanese/Jewish guy) & Martin Leroux (the French/Filipino guy)


2. Click “signup” to set up a StageIt account
3. Click the “BUY” button - you can then buy credits (which Stageit calls “Notes” - 10 Notes = $1.00). Once you have Notes, they can be used for any show!
4. These “Notes” let you pay for the show and tip if you feel so inclined (omg, yes please!)

1. 30 “Notes” (just $3.00!)

Hope to see you (well, in a manner of speaking) there/then!

Danny & Martin

Martin is a French-Filipino singer-songwriter from Tokyo, Japan. Growing up in the cultural melting pots of the Tokyo metropolis and its international schools, he has been exposed to and influenced by various musical styles and outlooks that he incorporates into his songwriting.

Picking up the guitar at 14, he has strummed the six-string since and sung along; but finally broke free from the barriers of his bedroom after high school, when he started performing in Tokyo’s open mic bars and cafes. Today, he has recorded his first album with fellow singer-songwriter Mike Kendra and is more active than ever in playing shows around the city, and most importantly, chasing after musical dreams.

Were The Indigo Girls and Erasure to engage in an alcohol-infused rendez-vous, they both would have Danny Katz to remember the evening by.

Born biologically to a Japanese mother and a Jewish-American father, the New York singer-songwriter is as musically diverse as his ethnicity: skillfully able to rock the guitar, piano, and jiuta-shamisen, Katz’ material ranges from sensitive musings on love lost to dance tributes to finding romance on Craigslist.

Oh - and he has the same birthday as Lady Gaga. So there’s that.

1. Stageitはミュージシャンが直接ファンの元へライブをストリーミングできるウェブサイトである。

2. とても親密な雰囲気であり、家でノートパソコンを通してライブを行っているミュージシャンが多く見られる。

3. Stageit曰く:
StageIt へ行き、アカウントを作成し、「BUY」のボタンで購入する。

4. クレジットを購入する。(Stageitは「Notes」と呼び、10 Noteを$1で購入することが可能である)

5. Notesを使い、好きなアーティストのライブチケットを購入することが可能である。また、ライブ中にアーティストへ心付けを送ることもできる。

6. 本ライブは「Pay What You Can」制度であり、ファンがチケットのNote額を決める(最低1 Note)。Noteを購入したらどのライブチケットにも使用可能である!

7. では、ステージで会おう!

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