Shalom from Sugamo! [Tour Journal: 6/17/12]

Sunday’s “Shoestring Sessions” at The Lockley’s in Sugamo was amazing. So many talented artists all belting out their songs… no microphones, no amps. Just a lot of dancing, singing, shouting and… beer. Oh. So. Much. Damn. BEER. (It is, after all, an Irish Pub). Best part? Someone called the cops because we were too loud :S

Biggest surprise of the evening? The Dead Sea Dropouts. Never did I expect to hear Klezmer fusion played by Japanese, British (?) and Canadian (?) musicians in an Irish pub in a part of Tokyo known as the “Harajuku for Old People” (Sugamo)!

If video ever surfaces, I was the one screeching along to  !הבה נגילה

Oh - and if anyone doubts the adage that Sugamo is for an older crowd, as we were approaching the venue, my bf pointed out all the stores with AED (Automated External Defibrillator)-certification/advertising. I’m just hoping all the ruckus didn’t send anyone over the edge (O_o)

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