[Updated!] Information for your Tokyo Trip 

[11/29/12 EDIT] The below content is definitely still relevant, but for those of you with Twitter magic, I suggest first reading this.

[11/30/12 EDIT] I cannot emphasize enough how hard it is to get wifi in Japan if you don’t live here. I would highly recommend skimming this - where you can learn how to book your wifi prior to your departure so that it will be waiting for you at the airport or your hotel.



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How I raised $3,000 in two weeks  

Hello neglected Tumble-bees,

Ok, so the posting title is just SEO junk. No magic formula. :P But I’ve been meaning to blog about my experiences with fundraising for “Orbiting” for some time now. This rambling mess is still quite the draft, but it’s something to kick around until I have time to edit more thoroughly…

So you want to raise funds, eh?!

1. What’s your deadline?
2 weeks works great but you might burn out - it’s an intense process. 1 month is standard. Anything longer and folks lose interest. You’ll…

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