The Stories Behind the Music

1. On what Danny's been listening to lately: “Everything’s Easy” by Girlyman. They should have named it “Danny Katz is Easy” but that goes without saying....” - BiCoastal Bitchin

2. On career choices: “...I mean—I had been performing for years at that point... if I can’t match my socks in the morning how good a lawyer could I possibly be? Flirting with the judge will not a good trial make...” - Channel APA

3. On unusual show pranks: “... had a drunken man - who claimed to be Richie Havens' brother - come up on stage during a show years back, interrupt my set, and then tell me I was playing the djembe all wrong, while proceeding to give me a demonstration that I never asked for. That was quaint...” - Vents Magazine

4. On the first concert he remembers: “... A Jewish folk singer... I remember the chorus to "Bashana HaBa'ah" getting stuck in my head right then and there, so catchy. I also remember looking up and thinking "omgs rockstrrrr" or however a kindergarten kid talks when he's excited enough to pee in his pants...” - TuneCore


Reviews of Japanese Satellites

Danny's website describes him as 80s flavored folk-pop. I described him as FREAKING GENIUS. His music is both fun (“Passover” actually samples the melody to the Four Questions...hello!?! Genius.) and sad (“Bushwick” is by far my favorite track). His style is clean and sweet and consistent throughout the album but each song has a distinct personality.
- Amanda E. di Bartolomeo | Queer Vegan Runner

Just got your CD in the mail. It's so great! “Fall in Michigan” has made me cry several times already!
- Mandy Hu

“Japanese Satellites” is a sonically-cohesive body of work that...brings together the past and the present, reviving the old-school charm of 70's and 80's rock music and combining them with modern lyrical sensibilities... [and] a live, organic sound... Katz proves himself to be a gifted songwriter and storyteller with Satellites. In his straightforward but forthcoming lyrics, [he] appeals not only to our taste for old-school rock but also to our innate ability to find humor in our lives and our relationships.
- Jason Chu | SFGam

Danny, your CD arrived in the mail the other day. I've been playing it in the car all the time. Awesome!!!
- Eddie Finan

It's been said that what's real doesn't get recognized. True...yet Danny Katz is real, and with this album he truly needs to be recognized. Take a listen to “Bushwick” and “Revival.” Danny has a knack for tight acoustic gems with more hooks than the Tsukiji fish market. He gives us a much needed breath of musical life within tunes that you'll be humming for some time to come.
- Pump24 (iTunes)

Hey Danny, just got copy of your cd “Japanese satellites,” really like it!
- Leonard Calo

“Japanese Satellites” plays homage to so much... yet... displays enough of its own originality... I recommend getting the whole album. It’s that good and it has a lot to offer. - Eric Barnes | Gaijinass

My commute: sacraments+mementos, wish lists+misgivings in @DannyKatzMusic's playful semantic Japanese Satellites.
- John Won

Each of us have that favorite type of music which soothe our nerves and calm the soul. And it was exactly how I felt when I listened... [H]is music... makes you just want to sit back, sink onto a bean bag and be carried away... The lyrics are a little eccentric and wacky at some places, but that’s what make Danny’s work so different and refreshing... Instantly likable and very easy on the ears. How would I know? Considering I have been streaming his songs for eight hours now... you could say I am a convert.
- Razlan Manjaji | You Got Me Blogging

[Danny’s] first track “Bushwick” has a delicate introduction, his vocals soft yet strong. I can imagine that Danny can sing just about anything, his vocals would definitely suit an acoustic set in a mellow atmosphere... and as the tracks continue to make my ears happy it feels like each song is a chapter... His music feels true, unique and soulful... Katz has produced a very extraordinary album here... You can feel the passion in Katz' voice throughout.
- Suzie Kidger | New Reviews

What we have here is an album full of mellow, acoustic-laden radio-rock in the vein of Coldplay and Ben Folds... The dude is obviously very talented musically, touting a strong singing voice as well as guitar and piano playing abilities... “Sacramento”... is a slow tempo excursion that makes use of standard acoustic chords laid underneath whirring, minimalistic guitar lines with the reverb and effects pedals cranked. Katz’s voice is mellow and crooning... Everything goes together perfectly to make a cohesive, airy ballad I feel like I should be floating on a cloud while listening to.
- Joe Vena | Stereokiller